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NextPerformance is serious about protecting the privacy of our users. Our aim is to help online advertisers and publishers to serve highly relevant and personalised adverts to potential clients, avoiding the waste and irritation of unfocused advertising. Nextperf adheres to the Internet Advertising Bureau (“IAB”) Europe’s Good Practise Principals for Online Behavioural Advertising as well as the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s (“EDAA”) principles. You can learn more and opt out of behavioural advertising from the Internet Advertising Bureau.


You can choose to stop receiving Nextperf advertising at any time, by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link below. You will then be excluded from internet users who see our advertising banners and this will apply for as long as you do not return to one of our partner sellers. Click on the following link:


If you have clicked on the unsubscribe button and refreshed your web page (F5), you should now see a plain banner below in the Nextperf colours.


If you no longer wish to receive personalised advertising, click on the button below to unregister by using the IAB system “Your online choices”.

If you wish to find out more about behavioural advertising and privacy, please visit “Your Online Choices”.

You should enable cookies in your browser, to allow Nextperf to identify you as an unsubscribed user. If you delete this cookie, you will have to repeat the unsubscribe process. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, the unregister cookie will not be installed. Moreover, if you have several computers or several internet browsers, you will need to unregister each of them separately.

You will see content in the banner below if you have visited a website of one of our clients, who displays banners to internet users, with content adapted according to their visit to the eCommerce site, (if you have not been on an eCommerce partner site, you will see a plain banner in the Nextperf colours).

Why are these dynamic banners targeted at me?

Nextperf works with several e-commerce operators. They aim to adapt their advertising messages to clients’ and potential clients’ visits.

In this context, Nextperf offers advertising banners that take account of the products you have viewed, sites you have visited and the products/services that our clients would like to feature.

What is the benefit for me as an internet user?

These adverts are adapted to suit your interest areas as expressed through your recent online browsing activity. Thus, they may offer response to your search by presenting suitable products and targeted offers.

Is my personal information secure?

This new form of personalised advertising maintains respect for privacy and personal information – Nextperf does not collect any personal data (age, address, email, etc.).

The information collected by Nextperf when you navigate through sites is 100% anonymous.

How does the data collection work?

Nextperf only records the pages and products visited. This data can be accessed in a (anonymous) cookie that is saved on your computer during your browsing session.

What Kind of Data is Collected by Nextperf, and How is it Used?

Nextperf use browser cookies on the domains and to collect anonymous data about the website of our clients and your interactions with the Nextperf ads. Those information are non-personally identifiable and not combined with any personally identifiable data. They are delivered anonymously and securely to our partners (ad networks) to deliver more relevant ads.

How Many time do you store that information ?

The information collected is stored for a finite period of 24 month.

Advanced procedure to delete cookies and unsubscribe permanently from targeted advertising

Download the following document: Opt-out_EN.pdf

You can also reset the Advertising ID on you mobile using the following instructions:
* iOS –
* Android –

How can you contact Nextperf ?

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, security, or general privacy practices, you can contact us at our Headquarter :

25 rue de Choiseul
75002 Paris
You can also get in touch with our support department by sending an email to :
We will reply in 5 working days.