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Our Products

Nextperf’s product suite is built to help marketers achieve greater performance results, increasing the efficiency of your display media, and the return on your ad spend.
All our products are A.I. driven to insure a better efficiency over time.

What is Dynamic Retargeting?

Nextperf offers a personalized retargeting service, based purely on reaching the clients target CPA.
The service is a combination of the power of Nextperf’s buying (Direct and Programmatic) with the user segmentation algorithms and conversion prediction. This way, there is a careful evaluation of the probability of a user buying online, after they visit a Nextperf client website.



Algorithms predicting the user’s conversion
Pricing adapted to each advertising space
Maximum reach via direct and programmatic buying (Facebook, TOP 20 Comscore portals)



100% Cross-Device
Exclusive and innovative formats (Skin retargeting, Ratings & Reviews, Native, Web-to-Store)
Integration of client CRM data
Mobile Retargeting (web and in-app)

What is Second Screen Retargeting?

By using a technology that combines real-time analysis of TV spots with unrivalled media purchasing power, as well as dynamic user segmentation to retarget users who are browsing the internet at the same time as watching the TV.



Take advantage of plugging at key moments.
Online coverage that extends the TV experience on premium placements.



Multi-screen synchronisation.
Innovative, high-impact formats in alignment with your brand

What is Skin Retargeting?

By using a world-first innovation that dynamically adds a skin to the home page of a publisher’s site, and by providing product recommendations for every web user.



Click-through rate 9 times higher than standard placements

Conversion rate 7% higher than with standard banners



100% banner visibility

Frequency capping is controlled

Unique and exclusive network

What is Upper Funnel?

By using a ‘machine learning’ platform that targets users based on their browsing and their purchasing intentions, plus dynamic user segmentation by level of engagement.



Algorithms focused on CPA conversion and extended reach

A multi-screen approach (desktop, mobile…)



Banners with product recommendations

Innovative formats : client reviews, retargeting skins…

What is Web to Store?

Through the use of a dynamic banner generator that combines product recommendation and geolocation, together with dynamic user segmentation by geographical area and level of engagement.



Recognition of all points of sale in the chain and recommendation of the nearest for each user



Increase in point-of-sale traffic for the concerned stores

We thrive on delivering our clients the best ROI through our proprietary technology


Nextperf provides a highly scalable platform helping you take control of your display media by combining real-time user analysis, real-time bidding and dynamic content creation.
Use our platform to run your campaigns with full control over segment definition, media buying and your tailored banners, or let us manage some or all of these services for you: Bring greater intelligence to your display media.

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We rely on Artificial Intelligence, Research and Innovation to ensure long term efficiency

Real-time media buying & High-performing placements

By providing intelligent user analysis and dynamic media creation for our clients, we also generate expanding revenue streams for our extensive network of publishers.
As our clients increase the effectiveness of their ad spend, our publishers benefit from high-performing ad placements.

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Nextperf is a FEVAD member since october 1st...

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We are driven by constant optimization and performance to help you reach your goals


Nextperf offers a revolutionary suite of tools, to drive sales using display. We provide a highly scalable platform to help you take the control of your display media, combining real-time user analysis, data management, insights, real-time bidding, and dynamic content creation.


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We have confidence in Nextperf’s “self-learning” technology for handling
the performance-driven generation of leads in line with our ROI criteria.

Pierre Woo
Online Marketing Manager, Marco Vasco

A trust-based relationship with Nextperf has developed over the years: they help us
to generate additional sales and traffic and to control our profitability and our marketing budgets.

Arnaud Mandon
Traffic Acquisition Manager, Kiabi

Nextperf has been a trusted partner for many years now and a real asset when it comes to generating additional sales.
I recommend Nextperf on account of its cost-effectiveness, but also its transparency and the advice that it provides.
The extremely clear customised reports enable you to keep an eye on the program
without having to devote valuable time to doing so. In short: reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Yann Marigo
WebMarketing Director & D.S.I., Irun

We’ve been working in a long-term partnership with Nextperf for several years now.
We particularly appreciate the responsiveness of the team and the support
that they provide for implementing a strategy to achieve sales growth whilst adhering to the KPIs.

Valérie Cantaloube
Traffic Manager, M6 Boutique

We have confidence in Nextperf’s “self-learning” technology,
which uses high-performance algorithms. Nextperf’s responsiveness and the continual monitoring
that it provides make it a highly dependable and reliable partner.

Christophe Mangin
Online Marketing Manager, Morgan

After working with numerous re-targeting solutions, Nextperf has proved to be a flexible and efficient partner, with an excellent return on investment.

Aymeric M.


We are not just another advertising company. We are a technology provider. We have award-winning creative teams in charge of building the best performing A.I. Driven Marketing Platform. Our team relies on a highly experienced group of talented online and high frequency trading professionals to lead its development.

The Board

Adam Grow GM & SVP, Rakuten Display




Vincent Karachira Chief Executive Officer


The Management Team

Edouard Lauwick VP Operations


Sébastien Bock VP, Technology Platform


Benjamin Cassigneul Senior Director, Finance


Peggy HOUSSET Director, Sales ( France & Southern Europe)

01 (2)

Ann Gsell Director, Client Services


PAUL BLANC Director, Sales


Michael Cohen Senior Manager, Data Science


Ludovic Humblot Head of Business Intelligence


Offices & Contact

  • Headquarters – France

    Nextperformance SAS
    92 Rue Réaumur 75002 Paris
    Paris France
    Tel: +33 (0)
    Fax: +33 (0)9 72 27 06 16

  • United States of America

    Nextperf Inc.
    3415 South Sepulveda Blvd
    Suite 1100
    Los Angeles
    United States of America
    Tel: +1 424 258 6109

  • Brazil

    Nextperformance Do Brazil
    Rua Fidencio Ramos, 160, 7° andar, cj 712/713
    Itaim Bibi
    Sao Paulo
    Tel: +55 (11) 4871 5900

  • Nextperf Labs

    380 Avenue Archimède
    Parc Cezanne
    13090 Aix en Provence

  • Germany

    Nextperformance GMBH
    Schlegelstrasse 26c – 10115
    Berlin Germany
    Tel: +49 (30) 287 00 263
    Fax: +49 (30) 679 60 213